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FREE Seminar Today

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New Technologies Workshop

Fee:		FREE!
Refreshments will be served.
Date: 		Thursday, May 18, 2000
Time: 		5:30pm * 7:30pm
Location:	SOHA Engineers
	550 Kearny Street, Suite 200, San Francisco
Speakers:	Patrick Crosby, SE
		David Mar, SE

About the Seminar:

Patrick Crosby * Buckling Restrained Braced Frame
Patrick Crosby, Principal with The Crosby Group, will introduce a new braced frame system in which braces yield in tension and compression. As an example, the seismic retrofit of the Marin County Civic Center will be discussed. The SEAONC Steel Subcommittee has proposed code provisions for inclusion in the appendix of the 2001 AISC Seismic Provisions.

David Mar * Story Isolation
David Mar is a Principal with Steven Tipping & Associates. He will present a new lateral load resisting system similar to base isolation, except that energy is taken out of the building at every story instead of only at the base. The system was developed and tested by Steven Tipping and David Mar, and is patent pending. Currently, two structures incorporating the system are being designed.