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Re: SE Exam Costs

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I don't know which exam Oregon uses (Western States or NCEES), but I do
believe that Washington recently swtiched to the NCEES exams.

Having said that, I can at least tell you what the cost of
applying/registering for the Illinois SE exam is.  If I recall correctly,
it cost about $100 to apply (that is to fill out the application and have
it processed by Illinois).  It then cost about another $300 to actually
sit for the exam.  I don't recall the exact figure.  Even though most
states use the NCEES exam, NCEES does not always administer the exam.  For
example, in Illinois, it is CTS (Continental Testing Service) that
administers the exam...I assume they "sub-contract" or license the exam
from NCEES.  Therefore, the costs can vary from state to state for the
same exam.  Also, it can very in cost depending on when you take the
exam...remember part of the cost of the exam is to pay for the large room
in which the exam is administered.  Therefore, different locations can
cost more and increase the cost.

Hope this helps,

Scott Maxwell

On Thu, 18 May 2000 Kipp.A.Martin(--nospam--at) wrote:

> I was just looking through the Oregon State Board newsletter and happened to
> look at the costs of applying for and sitting the various exams.  I about fell
> out of my chair when I noticed that to apply for and sit the Structural Exam (2
> days), the cost was $590. I believe that this is the Western States exam,
> similar to that given in Washington.  The cost appears to be between 100% and
> 200% more expensive than any I've seen for the SE exam.  I realise that this
> also provides 3 years of registration upon passing the exam, but it still seems
> like an excessive fee.  What are other states charging to apply and sit the SE
> exam?
> --Kipp A. Martin, P. E.
>   Portland, Oregon