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How to check your Internet security

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>Dear List members:
>Make sure all your shields are up. Internet hackers are on the loose again.
>To see how safe your PC is, use Shields Up at this web site:

Greetings all,

I feel compelled to submit the Navas Group website which provides a
different viewpoint than that taken by Gibson Research. While not as slick,
I found it to be more in tune with advanced issues of TCP/IP, internet
security and performance. It can be found at....

Back when I set up both our firm's network and my home network with DSL and
cable respectively, I followed the Gibson recommendations of using NetBEUI
and watched the performance of our firm's network degrade significantly. I
then turned to the Navas recommendations and went back to a TCP/IP only
network to get the most out of it. NetBEUI is definitely easier to set up,
but isn't nearly as robust as TCP/IP, even for file and printer sharing. I
urge you to look for yourself and make your own decisions.

Chad Edward Grinsteiner
Project Engineer
White Engineering Associates, Inc.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma