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RE: Architecturally Exposed Steel

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Title: Architecturally Exposed Steel

>I recently read the following note on an old drawing set.
>Can anybody point me in a direction to find this or give
>me some insight on what the note refers to?
>"All structural and miscellaneous steel which shall
>remain exposed to view shall be fabricated and erected
>in accordance with the AISC "Specification for
>Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel" without
>gaps or open joints"

That's an out-dated reference to an old AISC document that is now a part of the AISC Code of Standard Practice. Refer to Section 10, which has all the requirements for AESS.
P.S. At the risk of being repetitive, you can find the March 7, 2000 AISC Code here:
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Subject: Architecturally Exposed Steel

I can't seem to find a specification for this?

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