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Augmentation by External Prestressing

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Dear List Members,
  Dear List members,
    I  am confronted with following problem, if you can guide me, about
the  precaution should  be taken , I will be grateful.
    a.  The pre-stressed pre-cast T-beam s of a 44.34m each span bridge,
has six cables made of 12 Numbers 12.5 mm  high strength steel strands.
Out of which four cables are pre-stressed before launching and the
remaining two cables are stressed after the girders are placed in
position, and the deck slab is cast.
    b.  Such pre-stressing is defined as two stage pre-stressing which
becomes essential  when the span exceeds 30m for a certain type of
    c.  After launching of girders and placing of deck slab, it was
revealed  that one of the cables duct  of second-stage  pre-stressing
was choked accidentally.
    d.  External pre-stressing of an additional cable to compensate for
the original struck cable is the only solution available to us.
        Please advise.

         C M  Iqbal