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RE: Listservice subscriber privacy

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The radio button settings for whether or not Outlook express automatically
sends return receipts are located at TOOLS->OPTIONS->PREFERENCES TAB: E-MAIL
OPTIONS->TRACKING OPTIONS. You can pick from "Always Send a Response",
"Never send a Response", and "Ask Me Before A Response Is Sent."

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Subject: Listservice subscriber privacy

Occasionally when I read a message posted to this listservice MS
Outlook 98 seems to send a message confirming receipt to the original
sender (not to the list).  This happened earlier today for a posting
by Kehshin Chi.  If I'm quick enough I delete the response from my
outbox before it is sent, but our system doesn't dally with outgoing

Is this happening to others?  If so, is this exact behavior unique to
Outlook?  Does this compromise the privacy of the email list?  If so,
is there a way for the listserver to control this behavior?

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