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Re: Hollow clay tiles

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I have never participated in a retrofit of hollow clay tiles.  I do remember
attending a presentation by Paul Fratessa in Oakland where he showed slides
of damaged buildings after Loma Prieta.  The hollow clay tile photos
indicated that the clay tiles had literally disintegrated, and the only
thing holding the wall together and preventing crumbling was the multiple
layers of wall paper applied to each side over the years.  The idea of
structural wall paper appealed to my aberrant sense of humor, and the image
has stayed with me.  I do not believe I would count on the H.C. units to
provide any resistance in developing the retrofit scheme.

Paul Feather
San Diego, Ca

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Subject: Hollow clay tiles

> Dear all
> A 1920s building using hollow clay tile is being considered for retrofit.
> The rear wall is actually a double layer of tiles,  one 8" and the other
> The site is within 2 km of the Hayward fault (like what in Fremont is
> I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has previously addressed
> this issue or has thoughts on this subject.
> thanks
> Ron Fong
> Fremont, CA