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Re: California SE exam

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Back in the OLD days when some of us par-took of the examination, good preparation included actually doing some of the example problems, take a L shaped concrete beam and design it yourself, torsion and all.  Then using your solutions for the actual exam, this goes for all the work you have done in the past years, if it is new (atleast for you), copy it and save it in a "DESIGN" manual of examples. 
It helps if you include code sections and citations in calcs you do the first time, for future use by you and others.

Williston "Bill" L. Warren, IV - S.E.
Structural Engineering SOLutions
Newport Beach, California
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From: Samir Ghosn <sghosn(--nospam--at)>
Subject: Re: California SE exam

Try the S.E design manual by Ben yossifi.  It is the best way for you to
prepare for the exam.  It has great information and good solutions.  Don't
get bogged with too many references, you have enough codes to carry to the
exam as it is.  Study hard and good luck.

Samir Ghosn, P.E.
Harris & Associates

At 09:07 AM 5/19/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Try Enginnering Press 1-800-800-1651 or (I think)
>>>> sitsekson(--nospam--at) 05/18/00 03:37PM >>>
>I am planning to take the California SE exam this fall (before they made it
>too easy to pass :)).
>Does anybody have any recommendation on a preparation course or a manual
>that I can buy in order prepare for the exam.  I am also interested in the
>previous year exam solved problems.  The professional engineering
>development publications offer 12!!!! Volume set of Structural manuals
>costing more than $500.  I'd prefer to spend something in the $100 - $200
>range for the book.  Did anybody ever used these manuals after the exam is
>over.  Do you know if it covers seismic for 1997 code?
>I tried to search the list server archives for the previous discussions
>about the preparation materials or preparation courses in San Francisco Bay
>Area.  I didn't find too much useful information.
>I appreciate your help.
>Alexander Sasha Itsekson
>Berkeley, CA
>(510) 527-7223 ext. 209