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Hollow Clay Tile

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Field test procedures to determine shear and tension capacities of epoxy
resin anchor systems embedded in hollow clay tile are available. I usually
test at least one anchor in a bed joint, one anchor in a head joint and one
anchor in a unit to account for random layout of anchors. For shear tests,
two additional reaction anchors are installed to push against. The labs I
use have jigs already made. For tension tests, a tripod type jig is mounted
on the wall where the legs of the tripod are out of the zone of influence
of the test anchor. Incremental force and displacements are recorded for
the shear and tension test series. Tile failure is usually the controlling
mode. I usually take mean minus two standard deviations to come up with
anchor capacities and compare them to strength design type demands to
determine spacing. The testing procedure also helps determine proper
installation techniques for the contractors.

Michael Krakower SE