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Re: latest AISC Code of Standard Practice / Seismic Concentric Braced Frames

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I believe that we are talking about two different items.  The person who
originally asked the questions was looking for the AISC Code of Standard
Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges.  This is a code/spec that
outlines construction and drawing info icluding things like
erection tolerances, etc.  The latest was effective in 1992 (included in
the 2nd edition LRFD) until AISC released the latest and greatest a few
days ago on their web page.

You are refering to the AISC Seismic Provisions.  You are correct that the
lastest was released in 1997 (if I remeber correctly).  The Seismic
Provisions are code provisions for the structural design of steel members
in seismic zones.  An older version is included in the 2nd edition LRFD,
but the latest and greatest is available from AISC's web site.  These
provisions are reference (at least the olders version) by BOCA and I
believe they will/are referenced by the IBC.

I don't get to "play" with the Seismic Provisions that much since Michigan
is not much of hot bed of seismic activity!  <grin>

Scott Maxwell

On Thu, 18 May 2000, Dee Henrie wrote:

> Careful:  
> The "Latest" Seismic Provisions are 1997, and are available as a supplement
> until the Third Edition of LRFD comes out.  There are a couple of changes in
> there that reflect the Northridge earthquake loads for Braces.  One of them
> is the factor for connection design which could have you bumping up the size
> of your gusset plates and connections to take loads in tension of Ry*Fy*Ag
> where Ry is not .9 as in the design manual, but 1.5 for A36 and 1.1 for
> Grade 50 material.  See Section 6.2 and section 13.3a of 1997 Specs. 
> I would like to discuss with anyone who has some experience in this area
> concerning the design of the braces and connections.  The 1997 Seismic
> provisions seem to be placing some extended conditions on gusset plate size
> and loads.  I could use a reference for the Whitmore Section and whether it
> can extend into the web of the connecting beam as shown in the Connections
> Book.
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> Subject: Re: easy one - latest AISC Code of Standard Practice?
> The latest I have in the my 2nd edition LRFD which was effective as of
> June 10, 1992.
> I did find it on the AISC web page and the June 10, 1992 seems the be teh
> most current...follow the link below to what I found:
> IONS+%26+CODES&sub=Other+Specifications
> Hope this helps,
> Scott Maxwell
> On Thu, 18 May 2000, KSP wrote:
> > What is the current edition of the AISC Code of
> > Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges?  I
> > tried looking on the AISC site but had trouble finding
> > it.  The one I have says that it was Adopted Effective
> > June 10, 1992.
> > Thanks,
> > Ken Peoples
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