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RE: Oregon Certification

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The UBC simply refers to "approved fabricators" and leaves it up to the 
Building Official to approve the fabricator.  Unless Oregon has amended the 
UBC to require fabricators to be AISC certified, that is the way it stands.

The only difference between an "approved fabricator" and a fabricator that 
has not been approved is that Special Inspection *inside the shop* is not 
required for an "approved fabricator," but is required for a fabricator that 
is not "approved."

If 20 percent of the fabricators in Oregon are AISC certified, that is a 
helluva lot!  I think that there are only one or two AISC certified in 
Arizona and there are certainly more than 5 or 10 fabricators in Arizona.  
(I just went to the AISC web site and clicked on Arizona to find the AISC 
certified fabricators in Arizona and they listed all 596 AISC certified 
fabricators in the U.S.  The web site also gave me the same list when I 
clicked on Oregon.)

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Gina Gobo wrote:

>>Regarding Oregon Certification for Structural Steel Fabricators:

I spoke with the building official and they stated that AISC certification
was required for steel fabricators. However, we had many calls from
fabricators in Oregon bidding on our job stating that only about 20% of the
fabricators in Oregon are AISC certified. Can this be possible? If this is
the case, then we are probably going to be getting some pretty high bids,
given that only 20% of the fabricators are eligible to bid.<<