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RE: HELP: 2" clearance around masonry fireplace

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Brick Institute of America Technical Note 19B says "Considering all the
building code dimensional requirements, the minimum wall thickness of a
lined chimney to be used as a structural component is 10 inches, consisting
of: 1) 4 inch chimney wall (brick), 2) 2 inch of noncombustible material
(brick), and 3) 4 inch bearing length (brick).  An unlined chimney's minimum
wall thickness is 14 inches consisting of the same elements as the lined
chimney except that the chimney wall must be 8 inches."

But that is just there opinion.   The inspector may not agree.
Roger Davis
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Subject:	HELP: 2" clearance around masonry fireplace

I have a large custom home under construction here in the desert. The framed
patio cover is constructed around a large masonry fireplace. The main girder
supporting the roof framing would pass through the fireplace chimney so I
designed the beams (a Parallam) to bear on each side of the fireplace using
a typical Simpson GLB Beam Seat's. The inspector will not accept this as he
claims there must be 2" clearance between the wood and masonry. I suppose I
can create the clearance above and on the sides of the beam but obviously
not below.
I also don't understand the danger of the connection since the firebox is
lined masonry and there is no direct heat source to the wood.  I would
understand if the fire came from in front of the fireplace as I can see the
heat and smoke working up the face of the fireplace.

Can anyone clarify this code requirement that the inspector is adamant
about. I am not aware of it. If this is the case, what alternatives do I

Dennis S. Wish, PE
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