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Re: HELP: 2" clearance around masonry fireplace

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The inspector is correct on this issue.  You are required to design the
supporting members around the Chimney for fear of wood Charding over the
years.  Note, the effect of the heat from the chimney is there and might
take some years to cause the wood to dry and become chard and then cause
fire to occur.

Good luck, 
At 10:47 AM 5/22/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>I have a large custom home under construction here in the desert. The framed
>patio cover is constructed around a large masonry fireplace. The main girder
>supporting the roof framing would pass through the fireplace chimney so I
>designed the beams (a Parallam) to bear on each side of the fireplace using
>a typical Simpson GLB Beam Seat's. The inspector will not accept this as he
>claims there must be 2" clearance between the wood and masonry. I suppose I
>can create the clearance above and on the sides of the beam but obviously
>not below.
>I also don't understand the danger of the connection since the firebox is
>lined masonry and there is no direct heat source to the wood.  I would
>understand if the fire came from in front of the fireplace as I can see the
>heat and smoke working up the face of the fireplace.
>Can anyone clarify this code requirement that the inspector is adamant
>about. I am not aware of it. If this is the case, what alternatives do I
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