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Subject: Re: Mailing List for Marketing Structural Engineering S

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Hiya all,

I have often wondered what works better trying to constantly "push" 
your company on to others in hopes of new business, or "pulling" new 
business in through reputation and some simple advertising.

We have successfully drawn new business in through our company 
website, which is pretty much a passive medium of advertising.  So 
now we are looking at new ways to "band together" with other 
engineering firms before getting gobbled up by the sheer growth and 
size of the Internet.

We have 2 sites in development and  Because these are general topics we are 
thinking of including an "engineering list" on them, for any 
structural engineers / architects / etc. that may be interested.

I think that this may be a potential precursor to a mailing list, by 
simply having voluntary links on internet sites.  I am also aware 
that links are a high priority for successful internet sites.

Good day for now, hopefully there will be some more interesting ideas 
regarding this topic!

David Hunt
HGC Engineering
"Noise, Vibration, Acoustics"