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UBC Section 2213.8.2.5

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     I have jest started my first braced frame structure under the 97 UBC. 
Section 2213.8.2.5 limits the width to thickness ratio of angles to 52/Fy^1/2. 
This puts the minimum thickness of a 6 in. angle at 3/4 inch. Under the 94 UBC 
Table B5.1 the width to thickness ratio was 76/Fy^1/2. The 94 UBC would allow a 
6 in. angle to be 1/2 in. thick. I would like to know of any reports of 
failures and/or testing which brought about this change. Most of my structures 
are not buildings and I could use section 2213.8.3. However there size and cost 
makes it desirable for these structures to  go through a major earthquake with 
out following down or needing major rework.

Acie Chance