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RE: Moment connection

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The best resource on this topic is a forthcoming FEMA report series (350 through 355).  FEMA 350 is "Recommended Seismic Design Criteria for New Moment-Resisting Steel Frame Structures."  The others in the series apply as follows:
FEMA 351 - Evaluation and upgrade of existing
FEMA 352 - Post-EQ evaluation and repair
FEMA 353  - QA guidelines
FEMA 354 - Specifications
FEMA 355 A through F - various "State of Art" reports on which the guidelines are based
These documents are at the 100% draft stage (but not yet final).  Others (for instance, Ron Hamburger who is the chair of the Guidelines Development Committee) could tell you when this stuff will be finalized and released to the public.
Much of the background information has been published elsewhere in the literature.  Until the final FEMA/SAC publications are available,  most conscientious designers look to the literature and to FEMA 267 and 267A (which outline Interim Guidelines for steel moment frames).

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After Northridge, the battle horse connection consisting of beam web bolted and beam flanges welded to the column has been discouraged. Nevertheless the codes are at least silent regarding alternative moment connection details. Even when there's a site specifically designed to cover these issues (, the amount of technical information provided about test results makes this site a little hard to follow. Does anybody know a good reference for alternative moment connection details after-Northridge?
Javier Encinas