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RE: Moment connection

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>After Northridge, ... the codes are ... silent regarding
>alternative moment connection details. ... Does
>anybody know a good reference for alternative
>moment connection details after-Northridge?
There are a lot of test results and reports circulating through the SAC process right now as the guidelines documents and associated reports are being finalized. Unfortunately, that doesn't make much information available to you today.
At least one research team has put their results into very accessible form. For example, information on SAC-sponsored testing of tee-stub moment connections at Georgia Tech can be found here:
Most of the other connection types, however, are not as fully "electrified" yet, though.
In the end, the SAC guidelines documents themselves and the state-of-the-art reports that supplement them will be the best resources available to you. I'm not sure what the target release date is, but the draft connection research reports and state-of-the-art reports I'm now reviewing are labeled 90% or 100(i.e., 99.44)%, so it should not be too much longer.
Ron Hamburger and others who manage the SAC Joint Venture will be better able to comment on the schedule for the release of the guidelines documents and other reports.

Javier Encinas