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Coped beam connection conflict

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I have found  a conflict between LRFD Volumn II 1995 (Ref 1) & ASD/LRFD
Volumn II 1992 (Ref 2) regarding beam shear connections for beams coped
both top and bottom.

Pg 8-229 ref 1 says "dc is the larger of the top cope depth and the bottom
cope depth."

Example 8, pg 3-67/68 uses dc=top cope even though fig. 3-21 shows the
bottom cope is larger.

It seems to me, that the later makes more sense since the buckling is only
in the compression region that is at the top of the web.  See fig 8-62 ref

I have a W14x22 with a 1-1/8 deep top cope and a 6-1/4 inch bottom cope.
The allowable reaction using only the top cope is 32 times larger than when
using the bottom cope.  Seems like a pretty quirky formula to me.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.