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RE: Autocad 2000 question

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ADT2 provides the detailer package that was an add-on to previous versions
from SoftDesk - also known as the SoftDesk S8 package. This is worth the
couple hundred dollars more however, it is so well hidden on the CD-rom that
unless you activly search for it, you might miss this wonderful addition.
I would make this suggestion. One thought as to why it is so well hidden is
because the new Autocad is an object oriented product that does not support
Lisp routines in the same manner as with R14. Therefore, only the S8 Detail
portion was carried over but the parametric framing routines (automated
framing plans) are no longer part of the package.
ADT2 does allow you to create a drag and drop Autocad Design Center. The
advantage is that you can use existing drawings and drag layers, dimension
styles and blocks over to your current drawing, plus you can create
multi-view blocks and use those in a drag and drop manner.
Therefore, many of you may decide to convert the most use features in the
detailer and put them into one drawing for use with drag and drop or Autocad
Design Center. The general consensus is that AutoDesk will not support this
feature in future versions.


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From: Brent Koch [mailto:kochengr(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: RE: Autocad 2000 question

The problem encountered is not due your datafile, but with the operational
characteristics of release 14 itself. Acadr14 does not support multiple
paperpsaces. Your best bet would be to create two files from your original
and delete the "odd" layout from each.

On a separate note, do you model your ADT2 structures in 3d? If not what are
the benefits of using ADT2 vs plain Acadr2000?

Brent R. Koch, PE
Koch Engineering, Inc.
Livermore, CA

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From: Dennis S. Wish [mailto:dennis.wish(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Autocad 2000 question

For all you Autocad Buff's - please help me with this one.
I created a small drawing (under 1 meg in size) in Autocad 2000 ADT 2 which
contains two Layouts in Paperspace - each representing a separate sheet
(S1.0 and S2.0). The actual plans, sections and details were created in
model space and the views of each laid out in the Paperspace Layout sheet.
The tabs were also named according to the Sheet number S1.0 and S2.0.

I converted the drawing to R14 for my client who is unable to locate the
S1.0 notes sheet. I opened the R14 drawing in R2000 and it is still there
just as it was in R2000. Although I know how to use views, model and paper
space, I can not advise my client how to bring up the paperspace view of
sheet S1.0 in release 14.

Can anyone help me with this one. BTW, doing it this way, seemed to save me
about 2 megs in files size as the total package saved in only 640K.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
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