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RE: Tectum Ceiling Support

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You had me confused for a while describing the system as a "ceiling."  As 
such, I was thinking of Tectum ceiling panels, but I didn't have anything in 
my files on them, at least I couldn't find anything.  Then I started 
wondering if you were talking about gypsum concrete and looked in the Gypsum 
concrete section of my files and BINGO!

V-200 bulb tees, manufactured by Conners Steel, H. K. Porter Company.  
1.88-inches high, 2.90 lbs/ft, Ixx = .497 in^4, Sxx = .473.  From Gold Bond 
brochure of January, 1969.  

The brochure has maximum clear span tables for LL from 20 psf to 55 psf based 
on stress and deflection (L/240 and L/360).  Let me know what information you 

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Chris Towne wrote:

>>I am looking for some information on Tectum bulb-tee support beams.  The
structure was constructed in the early 70's.  The plans call out for Bulb-Tees
no. V-200-3.  Any help would be very much appreciated.<<