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Re: NASCAR Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

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Haven't seen anything definitive on this collapse yet.  The articles I've
read quote DOT officials and their speculations.  I figure the first
reliable information I'd see would be on this forum.

Could the double tees have been post-tensioned?  Failure of an end anchorage
is about the only thing that makes sense to me . . . such a rapid failure
without significant live load.

The real baffling part to me is that it appears from the photos that both
tees came down in a fairly uniform fashion, without axial rotation.  If one
tee failed first and brought the second down, it seems like more axial
rotation would have occurred.

JPRiley, SE
Blue Grass, Iowa

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Subject: NASCAR Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

> Perhaps I have missed something this week, but I have not seen any posts
> the pedestrian bridge collapse at Lowe's Motor Speedway in North Carolina
> last weekend.  In checking websites such as CNN, ABC, and the Charlotte
> Observer, I have viewed a lot of photos and have read several news
> but they don't make a lot of sense to me.  As I understand it, the bridge
> was constructed in 1995 with precast/prestressed concrete (probably
> double-tees).  The span that failed was about 80 feet long, and carried
> about 10-15% of its design live load at the time of failure.  Failure
> consisted of an abrupt rupture at mid-span, dumping about 100 people on
> of each other.  State inspectors were quoted as saying that the steel
> tendons failed, and appeared to be heavily rusted.  Heavy corrosion after
> only five years?
> Does anyone have any "inside" knowledge regarding this bridge, and its
> collapse?
> Thanks in advance,
> Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
> Dallas, Texas (a.k.a., Hockey Heaven)
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