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RE: stainless steel and H2SO4

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Use Carpenter 20, Carpenter Technology 800-654-6543.  They use it for
sulfuric acid piping all the time.  Tell your client it is very expensive.

Also look at the polyurethane class of coatings for acid resistant coatings.

You can use epoxy bar and get a small degree of protection on the bar, but
sulfuric acid attacks the concrete itself.  There are some coatings, but you
should expect maintenance.  Contact Silikal at for acid resistant coatings.  Also
do the usual low w/c, high grade, dense concrete.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	stainless steel and H2SO4
> I am designing a building to store 50% solution
> sulphuric acid at a battery manufacturing plant.  I
> have been told that the Owner wants to use stainless
> steel floor and roof deck.  I have tried a couple
> other places to find out which type of SS to spec but
> have not come up with any answers.  Any of you have
> any handy resistance tables of some sort?  I am also
> considering epoxy coating the reinforcement in the
> slab since the slab is supporting elevated tanks of
> this stuff.  Any thoughts on this would be
> appreciated.
> Ken Peoples, P. E.
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