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Re: Note from Dennis Wish - resignation from SEA and List

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"Dennis S. Wish" wrote:

A lot....

And I thank you for that.

You have voiced (written) the thoughts of many of us on issues relating to our
profession and our responsibility to improve and not just complain. Your
comments have stirred many pots and time will tell if they change things for the
better. I trust you know that at least some of the issues won't die on this
listserv and just as a past retiree of this list is remembered by the now famous
"where are the bodies" statement, I for one will quote you freely. While I'm not
sure why you feel compelled to leave the list, (yes I did read your comments) I
respect the need to refocus attention. Good luck on your web site and I plan to
visit often.

With regard to your (and others) withdrawal from the Structural Engineers
Association I'd like to say this may or may not have the intended impact. I
don't necessarily subscribe to the idea that a message will be sent and this
will hopefully change the way things are. I feel that change can take place in
any organization and as discouraged as one may be, it tears at the fabric of our
professional lives. I am similarly discouraged by politicians (I live in Utah
now but have resided in California) and liken the "problems" we have within our
organization to those of everyday life and it's future direction. I feel
under-represented at times, but would choose to figure out the ways to nudge the
ship as opposed to abandoning the ship. I somehow feel your actions are right
for you at this time and will cause others to reevaluate their comfort level as
it is. For this you are to be thanked. I trust that you will be back.

Barry H. Welliver