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Re: Will my engineering career be like this?

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I remember what it was like to have to work like that
to meet a commitment that I was not involved in making
(my boss promised that it could be done by a certain
date without ever asking for my input) - it was not
fun.  Now I am in the position that I am the one
promising the date and have to attempt to put others
through it. It is a little more fun but I don't have
anyone to blame. I would not do it if it wasn't
required and I rarely do it if I know that it won't be
appreciated.  I like to keep in mind the old line:
"your p***-poor planning does not constitute a crisis
for me"  
You do what you can and don't neglect your family and
friends.  I have heard it said that when it is all
said and done, you won't remember many of the
deadlines met or deadlines missed - you will remember
the times spent with friends and family.  
Good Luck,
--- John Flower <jmsflower(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> I am a relatively young engineer working in a very
> small structural design 
> office in California. I have about 5 years of
> experience and my P.E. 
> license, and I am overwhelmed with the state of the
> profession.  I am 
> wondering if any more experienced engineers can give
> me some advice about my 
> future.
> Will my entire career as an engineer be filled with
> demanding clients, faxed 
> due dates, less than attentive contractors, RFI's
> requiring  ASAP response, 
> incomplete architectural plans, e-mailed backgrounds
> and a backlog of jobs 
> that are overdue?
> Will architects/owners and contractors continue to
> make me feel 
> unappreciated while I work overnite to complete
> their job? (All this and I'm 
> just a project engineer)
> Any guidance or informative experiences are
> appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> John Flower
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