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RE: NASCAR Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

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The ENR article listed on the SEAINT server  (available at WWW.ENR.COM
<http://WWW.ENR.COM>  ) during the last couple of days lists a plausible
explanation relating to high chloride content of grout filling the hole
where the harp anchors had been during precasting of the girders. 

IMHO the chlorides could have been a source for a localized galvanic cell to
greatly speed the corrosion.  According the story, corrosion was limited to
the harped points where the strands were all in contact with one another. 

I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think a good, accurate explanation of the
cause based on sound forensic investigation will ever come out.  Something
about liability an such....  It's unfortunate that our society is so

Bill Cain, S.E.
Oakland CA

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	This morning on the news they were talking about high Calcium
Chloride levels 
	in the precast.  It was just a blurb so I do not know about the
	of the info.

	-Bill King, EIT