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Re: Will my engineering career be like this?

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>Will my entire career as an engineer be filled with demanding clients...
 If my own career is any guide, yours will indeed be filled with 
demanding clients and the rest. If you mind your p's and q's and learn 
from your mistakes, you'll find that you can handle such things easier as 
time goes on. You'll also learn when to stick to your guns and when to 
cave gracefully. 

Most important you'll learn to distinguish real issues from the facts 
that you can't change and the stuff that'll probably turn out OK no 
matter what you do. When I was a sprog, I thought everything was an issue 
which is hard on the psyche. I got out of school with the notion that all 
those calculational procedures I learned were the guts of the trade--find 
a formula, learn a procedure and the problem is solved. But that's only 
the craft of engineering. The art, of which college teaches nothing and 
which is at least equally important, is the intuitive, organizational and 
personality skills that you acquire by experience. Once you're up that 
learning curve, you'll find yourself dealing with the crap a lot more 

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