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RE: circular beams

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Title: circular beams
I have a friend that did some research on this very topic at Portland State University. You may try to contact Portland State University's Seismic Testing and Applied Research Lab (part of the civil engineering department) to see about getting a copy of the report. Their web address is at:
The person to contact would be Dr. Wendelin Mueller, PE, PhD at (503) 725-4299. The person who did the research was Eric Pfau for Marks Metal Technology. As part of the research, they wrote a visual basic program that calculates the forces at different locations along a curved beam.
Hope this helps.


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Subject: circular beams

i am looking for some basic text or reference on curved beam behavior/theory. loading both parallel and normal to radius of curvature.

i am working on a couple of buildings that have significant framing that is swept (circular) in plan. one is concrete and one is steel. aside from fea methods, i want to check and ballpark the forces/stresses.

the only references i have found on the topic of swept beams are for compisite steel bridge girders
and in rouark's. the bridge stuff is useless to me and the methods in rouark's are not exacly quick.

any and all help is appreciated.

Dennis Pantazis