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2000 IBC with ICBO "Code Central" CD-ROM

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If you obtained your 2000 IBC from ICBO you should have received in a small 
cardboard envelope a "Code Central" CD-ROM with a small single sheet of 
instructions on how to install the Earthquake Spectral Response Acceleration 
Maps data for use with the seismic provisions in the 2000 IBC.  The data on 
these maps was developed by USGS/BSSC/FEMA under the USGS Seismic Hazard 
Mapping Project headed by E. V. Leyendecker and A. D. Frankel.

Instead of having to unroll some 24 large maps to find the spectral response 
accelerations for particular location for use in the seismic provisions in 
the 2000 IBC, all one needs to do is install the Seismic Design files from 
the CD-ROM and log on to either the Zip Code or the latitude and longitude of 
the particular site.

Please read the instructions on the small sheet in the cardboard folder with 
the Code Control CD-ROM and the "README3.01" file which is on the CD-ROM.

If you have any questions or problems contact USGS Websites address:

Remember when all else fails read the instructions.

Frank E. McClure May 26, 2000