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Re: RE:Will my engineering career be like this?

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I agree 100% with you Constantine, however, cynicism (pessimism?) has its fun sides too.  The real truth, like chaos, is that times don't change, only the degree of sleep deprivation and it's attendant mind-set!

Thor A Tandy P.Eng, MCSCE
Victoria BC
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Subject: RE:Will my engineering career be like this?

We are living the "Good Old Times" right now! Your grandchildren will talk about these days just like some older folks talk about the 50s.

Be thankful for the deadlines and the amazing workload, they are what pay for our overtime and healthy stock market accounts (a bit less healthy than I would like) and maybe the BMW in the garage.

One day, we might be back to a normal workload. The days of reduced work weeks (32 hrs). No longer will one be able to consider asking for a 20% raise or starting his/her own firm.

Yes, this is structural engineering! Enjoy the good times, for they are good if you think about it. Try other things on the side (there is always time. Write websites, buy and sell cars, buy a cabin in Tahoe and rent it, research and trade stocks, buy and cultivate a vineyard, go out and spend $1,000 on clients...These are the good times.

I am 33 years old with 5 years of experience and a Cornell PhD and a California PE.

Sorry to spoil it for the doomsayers. Life is what you make of it.