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RE: Will my engineering career be like this?

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I can relate to this one.  My former company Vectra Engineering (since
swallowed up by someone else) worked primarily in the nuclear industry.  It
is not easy being a structural engineer in today's nuclear industry when all
the major facilities are built.  I digress.

I can remember working until 2:00 am to meet deadlines for modifications
that may or may not be installed.  I remember once having to analyze the
effect of a 10 oz. fuse in an electrical panel.  10 oz???  I couldn't think
of anything more insignificant (to a structural engineer) but that was then.

I have since changed companies and work on projects that actually come to
fruition and I get to analyze forces in terms of tons.  It is more than
satisfying to see a structure get erected and know you had some role in its

I guess my point (if my rambling has one) is that if you like what you are
doing, the road blocks, deadlines, nuisances and hassles seem to be

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Not if you don't allow it :)

Seriously, dead lines are dead lines.  My favorite used to be was that I get
a call on Friday from my boss on his carphone and he would tell me that
ehatever had to be done on Monday.  So I would work all weekend to make sure
I met his deadline and then it would sit on his desk for 3 days.  Wonder why
I left that job.

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I am a relatively young engineer working in a very small structural design 
office in California. I have about 5 years of experience and my P.E. 
license, and I am overwhelmed with the state of the profession.  I am 
wondering if any more experienced engineers can give me some advice about my


Will my entire career as an engineer be filled with demanding clients, faxed

due dates, less than attentive contractors, RFI's requiring  ASAP response, 
incomplete architectural plans, e-mailed backgrounds and a backlog of jobs 
that are overdue?

Will architects/owners and contractors continue to make me feel 
unappreciated while I work overnite to complete their job? (All this and I'm

just a project engineer)

Any guidance or informative experiences are appreciated.


John Flower

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