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Re: NASCAR Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

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>From what I read the "bridge right next to it" didn't have the same (calcium 
chloride) problem and thus didn't collapse, although no one knows quite why 
yet.  Hopefully they will with a bit of study.  

Of course in Turkey they bulldozed everything so nobody could pin the cause 
on the builders, who were well-connected politically, or so I hear. 

In a message dated 5/26/00 6:28:08 PM, JillHiggins(--nospam--at) writes:

<< Guys, they needed to use the road. Pure and simple. Besides, there's

another bridge right next to it for study. Kind of like the Kansas City

Hyatt. Conspiracy theorists may not like it, but it sounds like a good

reason to clean things up fast.