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Re: Dennis Wish's contributions

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Another perspective: Rickover clearly thought the US Navy was an
institution worth preserving and therefore fought long and hard for it. I
seriously doubt he would have brought the same energy and passion to bear
on preserving something less worthy (the Tailhook Society perhaps).

The question is - Into which category does SEAOC fall? Sadly, I'm afraid
SEAOC now tends toward the Tailhook end of the spectrum. I remember the
pride I felt when first joining an organization with worldwide stature and
respect. Major papers were presented at the conventions, and the world
showed up to hear them. Now, I don't even read the proceedings (assuming I
even get them these days). There is a long line of them dating back over 30
years on my bookshelf. It stops in the early '90's, and I don't so much as
miss those recent volumes. Blue Books take up another foot and a half or so
dating back to the first edition. I have barely cracked the seams on the
latest one, and suspect it will gather a great deal of dust.

The functions have regressed into networking sessions more than technical
learning experiences. If that's the function of SEAOC these days, so be it.
However, I doubt I'd go to the wall for it like Rickover and the Navy.
Years ago, I would have (and did to the great detriment of my schedule for
many many years). No longer.

Sad, really. But I see where Dennis is coming from.

Peter S. Higgins, SE