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Will my engineering career be like this?

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A belated response.

. > Will my entire career as an engineer be filled with demanding clients, ...


. >  ... faxed due dates, ...

Until another technology come around.

. > ... less than attentive contractors, ...

On what seems like rare occasions you will find contractors that will warm 
the cockles of your heart.

. > ... RFI's requiring  ASAP response, ...

All information is perfectly clear in the bidding stage, but when it comes to 
constructing the project, immediate clarification is demanded.

. > ... incomplete architectural plans, ...

If contractors are expected to build based on incomplete plans, why should 
the structural engineer be different?

. > ... e-mailed backgrounds ...

I am unfamiliar with this.

. > ... a backlog of jobs that are overdue?

The alternative is no backlog, no work on the boards, and no potential work 
in sight, which will come sooner or later.  Having gone thru more than a 
couple of these cycles, a backlog of work is the better alternative.

. > Will architects/owners and contractors continue to make me feel 
. > unappreciated ...

If we continue to disparage architects and contractors, why shouldn't they do 
the same to us?

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona