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Re: Will my engineering career be like this?

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Jeff Coronado wrote:

> The problem will continue as long as we do not stand up collectively and
> tell our clients they are to treat us as professionals as engineers have
> done in other countries and as other professions have done in this
> country.

I must say that this phenomenon has always baffled me. You would not, for example, see this in the legal profession. They have
MINIMUM standards which to US are quite high, insofar as client "respect" and remuneration are concerned.

Lawyers just don't cut each OTHER'S throats, though they are grimly capable of ripping and tearing at each other's clients.

Reminds me of the OLD joke about the attorney swimming toward a lifeboat after a shipwreck in shark-infested waters. To the surprise
of those already in the boat, the circling sharks abruptly moved into escort formation for the shyster who crawled into the boat

"Why?" aked a crewman. "Professional courtesy," came the reply.

We don't "Swim With The Sharks" very well, do we? Maybe that's not an altogether bad thing, but it has its drawbacks.