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Re: Dennis Wish's contributions

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>that we can
>recall are (I think) miniscule in comparison with those who "died" in 
Too true. A couple of others are Edwin Armstrong who took on NBC/David 
Sarnoff over FM broadcasting and Wm Northrop who pioneered the flying 
wing design. Armstrong eventually killed himself and the listening public 
was deprived of FM reception for 20 years. In Northrop's case the battle 
was between Convair's B-36 and the Northrop YB-49. The B-36 design 
eventually won out, amid rumors of some skulduggery on Convair's part, 
but before he died Northrop saw his vision fulfilled in the B-2.

But, as you say, there are probably lots more who beat themselves to 
death trying to trn an obsession into reality.

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