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Re: NASCAR Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

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Sorry, Peter, I don't agree with you.

If you want the "forensic vultures" to speculate on what happened, clean 
everything up immediately, move it somewhere so that everything is disturbed, 
and then the "forensic vultures" will have a feast!

If everyone sees the same thing, then there will be a greater consensus as to 
the actual cause.

[BTW, isn't this what is happening with the Jon Benet Ramsey case  --- that 
the crime scene was disturbed/moved so that now all anyone can do is 
speculate on what actually happened?]

While the roadway was a state highway, it is my understanding that it was 
also a practice track for the speedway and as such it was closed to traffic 
the night of the accident.  Because the highway was closed to traffic, the 
bridge did not collapse on cars, nor did cars collide with the collapsed 

Traffic accidents in which fatalities occur often require roads be closed for 
hours while the accident is being investigated.  Detours are not uncommon.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Peter Higgins wrote:

>>Gee, maybe we should have done the same with the I10 and Nimitz collapses.

Don't clear that up. Leave it all in a busy roadway for the forensic
vultures to pick over ad infinitum. The citizens don't need that highway
for anything. Surface streets, etc. will do just fine. Right.

Guys, they needed to use the road. Pure and simple. Besides, there's
another bridge right next to it for study. Kind of like the Kansas City
Hyatt. Conspiracy theorists may not like it, but it sounds like a good
reason to clean things up fast.

Peter Higgins<<