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looking for a designer/contractor

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Philippine Ad:

Attn: Marketing / General Managers

 *  I am looking for a foreign based contractor with 
        Philippine Business Registration (e.g. John Holland, Fluor Daniel etc.)
        (Securities and Exchange Commission papers)
        and  'AAA'  P.C.A.B. Category.

 * The Client prefers an American, European or Australian
        Company who can package a Design & Build with 
        high end finishes.

 * This is a Philippine project by foreign investors.

For interested parties please e-mail me now with Philippines contact nos. 
or call (63-2) 897-7964 and leave a message for Engr. Gil Monsalud 

Dear Engr. Shafat Qazi and SEAInt Organizers

Thanks in advance for posting this ad !

Virgilio Monsalud, C.E.
Metro Manila, Philippines