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Roquefort Steel Shapes

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Dear fellow engineers:

A ten levels structure is being erected here in Managua, NIC. The
building was architectured and engineered in Florida. It's a shear wall
structure in which the shear wall chords reinforcement is provided by W
steel shapes. Supposedely, the bonding between concrete and steel should
be assured with welded steel studs (like in composite steel beams used
in bridges). What has been astonishing to me is that the W shapes came
totally perforated, (Roquefort steel shapes) both in the web and
flanges. I imagine that the contractor is trying to speed up the
process. But, it also could be that the bonding is expected to be
achieved by the concrete going through the holes. Something very
unusual. I would rather have welded the horizontal steel rebar ends to
the steel shapes.

For your info, I have nothing to do in this project, but I would like to
hear your expert opinion.

                           Thank you in advance

                                                     Wladimir Bassett A.

                                                    Managua, NICARAGUA