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Re: Will my engineering career be like this?

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 In Canada, the client's are the same, always demanding, due dates are
always yesterday, contractors try to cut all the corners to save money,
architectural plans are scary and backlog of jobs only happens when there is
too much work.
I have had my own engineering company for the past 7 yrs and have found if
you persevere, you will get the work done through all the adversities.
You will learn that if you do good work in design the end result is what you
have put into it and it turns out okay no matter how frustrating the process
seems to be. You gain engineering experience as you develop your engineering
intuition and personality as these are not a given or cannot be studied,
they are the experience. There is a lot of different clients and peers out
there that will test you on a daily basis, but this is all part of the
learning curve.

Go out there and survive, learn by your mistakes, as we all make some, and
be a better engineer that you think you are.

Jamie Lawson  P.Eng.
MJL Engineering Ltd.
Abbotsford, BC