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Re: Will my engineering career be like this?

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You have received a lot of excellent advice and comments regarding your 
question. So much so that I think one should compile them and make them 
available to anyone contemplating a career in structural engineering.

here is my 2 cents:

I agree with most of what everyone else has said. However, not many have 
mentioned compensation. This seems to a taboo subject among engineers. It's 
as if talking about money means that one does not really love his/her work 
enough or that he/she is greedy. Our profession is as demanding as any, such 
as law, medicine or high tech. Yet the salaries and fees for structural 
engineers is unproportionally lower compared to those fields.

There is nothing wrong with working long hours and putting up with all kinds 
client demands as long as it is voluntarily done. Just don't sell your 
services short. Demand adequate compensation for the effort you put into your 
work. Work hard but make sure that you get paid enough to play hard too.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA