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Re: Compressive Strength and Allowable Shear for Clay tile wall

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Brick and Tile Engineering by Harry C. Plummer, published by Brick Institute
of America gives values that were valid at the time it was published (First
edition, 1950 -- I have the second edition, 1962).  Use of the values would
need to be based on the strengths of the units and the type of mortar.  It
may be difficult to determine the appropriate values from an existing

The 1997 edition of the Uniform for Building Conservation (published by
ICBO) provides the means for determining allowable shear values by testing
using UBC Standard 21-6.  Allowable compressive stress values for new loads
on existing construction are not included in the UCBC.  In general it's
probably prudent to provide new members to support new loads.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer