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Autocad Section Property Calculation

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Make sure the centroid of the section is 0,0 if you want the I values to be
Run it once. See what the centroid values are and move the section centroid
to 0,0.
Recheck it. If the centroid value is now 0,0 then the I values should be
correct. It has worked great everytime I have used it.

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>Subject: Autocad Section Property Calculation
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>   I have a feeling that this might have been posted  before.   In AutoCAD
>under "massprop" the section properties such as  area, perimeter, centroid,
>Moment of Inertia etc are calculated.      The other values appear correct
>but not "I".     licensee may have set up  something in the program?? 
>Thor A Tandy P.Eng
>Victoria BC
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