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RE: Dade County, Florida, wind requirements.

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They have their own building code, "The South Florida Building Code".
There is a Dade County and Broward County version.  The last time I
looked, the two versions differed significantly on masonry design, but
may not now in their current version.  The SFBC has its own method for
calculation of wind pressures, similar to the Standard Building Code of
the mid 1980's.  They also have a special missile requirement.  All
exterior surfaces (i.e., walls, roofs, windows, doors, etc.) must be
able to withstand missile projectiles (i.e., flying debris).  For all
buildings all surfaces must be able to withstand a 2x4 shot out of an
air cannon at about 35 mph.  This includes window panes and mullions.
(Shutters can be used in lieu of rated windows or doors.) For buildings
over about 60 feet they must also resist gravel shot out of an air
cannon at about 80 mph.  The local building departments have
prequalified certain types of construction (i.e., block walls and tile
roofs) but windows, doors and the like must be tested and certified
before use.  Special detailing must also be used to ensure that the
window to wall attachment does not fail.

It is fun stuff.  You really need a copy of their code(s) and to talk to
the local building department to get the full story.

Charles F. Espenlaub, III, P.E.
Martin-Espenlaub Engineering

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Subject: Dade County, Florida, wind requirments.

Does anyone know what the wind requirements are for Dade County Florida,

Some engineers here in hawaii are starting to use this requirements and
would like to find out more about it.  Anything informaiton would help.

Marlou B. Rodriguez