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RE: Dade County, Florida, wind requirments.

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It has been awhile since I did a job in Dade County, but I think that they
allow the use of the ASCE latest edition which is now the ASCE 7-98.  Of
more interest are provisions that were written because of hurricane Andrew
in Dade County.  One provision which is optional (as I understand it) is for
impact resistant glazing. (Re: "SBCCI Test Standard for Determining Impact
Resistance from Windborne Debris", SSTD 12-94, Southern Building Code
Congress International.)

Factory Mutual Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets 1-28 should also be
consulted for roof deck recommendations.  Factory Mutual requirements became
more restrictive following hurricane Andrew.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Dade County, Florida, wind requirments.
> Does anyone know what the wind requirements are for Dade County Florida,
> Some engineers here in hawaii are starting to use this requirements and I 
> would like to find out more about it.  Anything informaiton would help.
> Marlou B. Rodriguez