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RE: UBC 1997 Special Inspections Zone 4

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I presume that you are the EOR and would be looking at "Structural
Observation", and your question would be to add definition to the phrase
"... at significant construction stages ...".

Sandy Pringle has a section called Special Inspection Program page
referenced on his web page .
Regarding "Structural Observation" Sandy's document says:

II.	Structural Observation
Definition:	Structural Observation is defined as the visual observation
of the structural system, including, but not limited to, the elements and
connections at significant construction stages, and the completed structure
for general conformance to the approved plans and specifications.
Structural Observation does not include or waive the responsibility for the
inspection(s) required by UBC Section 305 and Section 1701.

1.	The Contractor shall be responsible for notifying the EOR office 72
hours in advance of required observation(s) for scheduling purposes.
Failure to meet observation schedules may require removal(for observation
purposes) any finishes that have be subsequently installed.  Approval by the
Municipal Inspector does not preclude observation by the Engineer of Record
and approval by the EOR does not preclude the inspection process by the
Municipal Inspector  and any other code requirements for inspection.
Removal and replacement of any finishes and/or framing damaged by the finish
removal process or as required for corrective action shall be at the
Contractor's expense, not the Owner, Engineer nor Structural Observer.
2.  	A pre-construction meeting including the Engineer  responsible for
the Structural Observation , the Contractor, Special Inspector, and
appropriate Subcontractors shall be held to review the details of the
structural system to be structurally observed.
3.	As a minimum, the Engineer shall perform structural observation at
the following stages of construction:
	a. Footings: after excavation and placement of steel, but before
placement of concrete
	b. Steel Framing: After steel erection and welding of steel decks.
	c. Upon completion of shear wall(s) and/or the anchorage system.
	d. Before the closing of walls that would cover any structural
	e. At completion of work.
2.	Upon completion of work the Structural Observer shall submit a
report to Owner and the Building Official with his/her wet stamp and
signature attesting to the visual observations made . The report shall also
identify any reported deficiencies witch have not been resolved.

Obviously other construction structural materials will require different
observation requirements, but this should give you an idea of what intervals
are required.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	UBC 1997 Special Inspections Zone 4
> I have a project in California, seismic zone 4 with Na=1.1. We are hiring
> a SPECIAL INSPECTOR to perform all required inspections and observations.
> My question is this...When would I be "required" to visit the site myself?
> Thank you