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re: retaining wall programs

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I  have  been  using  Retain  Pro for  last  six years and have been very 
happy with that program. One thing I like about that program that they give 
you a book about the theory behind the program and that gives me a chance 
to check out numbers by long hand. It does take some time but satisfy my 
desire to know what is going on inside the program !!!
Also  tech support is very very good. You fax  them  the  picture  and you 
will have answer many a times same day but for sure with in 24 hours. Good 
luck to you for what ever you decide to buy.

  Arvind  Bisarya
  Phone  314 - 539 - 0471
  Fax        314 - 539 - 8321
  E-Mail    arvind_bisarya(--nospam--at)

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From: "Ken Peoples" <lvtakp(--nospam--at)>, on 05/31/2000 1:34 PM:
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Anyone out there using EaglePoint's Quickwall,
Daystar's Retainwall or RetainPro, I would like to
hear your reviews.  They all look pretty good to me
but they always look good before you buy them!
Ken Peoples

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