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RE: UBC 1997 Special Inspections Zone 4

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Construction supervision and construction observation are two different
things.  We do not supervise a project, but we do provide structural
observation as required by title 24 of the Calif.. Admin. Code, which in
turn is mandated by the Ca. Health and Safety Code.  We are out there
professionally, not to inspect each and every element (in part the Special
Inspectors job) but to the extent necessary to assure ourselves that the
structure is in conformance with our design intent.  You should go,  and you
should charge for going.
George Richards, P. E.

To:     ed.marshall(--nospam--at) 
Subject:        UBC 1997 Special Inspections Zone 4 

I have a project in California, seismic zone 4 with Na=1.1. We are hiring a
SPECIAL INSPECTOR to perform all required inspections and observations. My
question is this...When would I be "required" to visit the site myself? 

Thank you