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Re: retaining wall programs

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We did a KT evaluation of 5 retaining wall programs in early 98.  We found the
Eagle point, Daystar and Retain Pro products to be the top 3.  Day star and
Eagle Point were more user friendly, but Retain Pro was overall the top in our
evaluation for technical capabilities and usability.   We bought Retain Pro and
are using that now.  At the time, all three were close on price.  We have not
evaluated them recently, so capabilities may have changed.

Hugh Brooks, the author of RetainPro also has a very good primer of design of
Retaining Walls.   It is worth the purchase price regardless of which program
you buy.

Ed Haninger
Fluor Daniel
Aliso Viejo, CA

Anyone out there using EaglePoint's Quickwall,
Daystar's Retainwall or RetainPro, I would like to
hear your reviews.