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Re: Ph.D. Candidate (Structural), Seeking Employment

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Behnam, I don't think it's so much that the job opportunities for Ph.D.'s is limited so much as the kinds of things they typically
want to do, or are well-suited for, are not so common.

I just left a company where I had a Ph.D. working under me, and another Ph.D. working in a parallel group, both non-U.S. nationals.
They were doing work just like the rest of the folks, and I think their attitude was "hey, whatever you need us to do, just let us
know." They didn't worry so much about how "challenging" the work was, they had family situations where they didn't necessarily want
to leave the Houston area, and having a job is a good thing.

Now, if you're very picky, then you'll have to hold out for more. Perhaps Harold Sprague or someone else here involved in the more
"challenging" aspects of structural engineering might have a referral for you. Stick with your plan, keep your sights high, and be
patient. The job market's too good right now to be overly discouraged.

Good luck.

Behnam Arya wrote:
> I consider Structural Engineering as a major part of my life and I take
> pride in my choice of career. However, it seems that doing Ph.D. narrows
> down the job search significantly.