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RE: UBC 1997 Special Inspections Zone 4

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I generally work on large industrial projects in various states where my
employer has a Resident Engineer full time on site during construction. This
person performs the "structural observations", as well as other discipline
observations. The Resident Engineer generally has experience with similarly
constructed projects and with standard company practices. If I am the EOR,
the Resident Engineer periodically calls me with questions about drawing
details or problems encountered in the field. I typically still receive the
shop drawings and Requests for Information (RFI's) for review and comment
(although sometimes the Resident Engineer performs some of these reviews, if
not too complex). Unless there is a significant problem in the field which
requires my direct involvement, I rarely get to see the constructed project.

Thus, it is acceptable to have another engineer perform the structural
observations as long as they report back to the EOR when questions or
problems are encountered. I agree that I would prefer to directly observe
construction of all of my projects "at least once", but project budgets and
project managers rarely allow for travel unless needed to resolve a problem.
This is an unfortunate aspect of today's climate of reduced engineering

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> Thank you for all of your input...For clarification, the 
> reason behind the question lies in a discussion that evolved 
> in regards to the "cost" to the client for the observations. 
> The project manager (NOT the EOR) feels that it would be more 
> cost effective to hire someone else (who we "trust") to 
> perform the observations with the EOR making one 
> the end of the project...prior to closure...We reside in 
> Texas, the project is in California...Personally (for those 
> that were curious/concerned?) I prefer to observe my projects 
> myself....personal preferences of course, don't factor in 
> when talking "budgets". (-: